In Illinois there are 2 primary types of Powers of Attorney, those for Property and those for Health Care. In July, 2011 the law and forms of Power of Attorney changed.

A power of Attorney for Property is legal document whereby someone appoints another person as his or her “attorney-in-fact” to deal with one’s property and financial affairs. It remain effective even after the maker becomes incapacitated, but becomes void upon the maker’s death.

A power of Attorney for Health Care (also known as a health care proxy) designates one or more individuals to make health care decisions on your behalf should you be unable to make them yourself. For example, if you have a stroke and cannot communicate your appointee can communicate your wishes to your doctor and to the hospital. In Illinois, frequently a Living Will is included in the Power of Attorney – Health Care. A Living Will is an advance directive that gives doctors and hospitals your instructions regarding the nature and extent of care you want should you suffer permanent incapacity, such as an irreversible coma if there is no chance of recovery. We can help you prepare a Power of Attorney that is specific to you, your goals and your family.

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