Veterans Aid and Attendance

The Veterans benefit called Aid and Attendance is an improved pension benefit for a veteran, a widowed spouse of a veteran, or a dependent of a veteran. The veteran must have served in a time of war and been considered active duty for a period of 90 days with at least 1 day during a time of war in these specific war time dates: (NOTE: This does NOT mean the veteran had to have served overseas.)

  • World War II  12/07/1941-12/31/1946
  • Korean Conflict  06/27/1950-01/31/1955
  • Vietnam War  08/05/1964-05/07/1975
  • (02/28/1961 if served in country of Vietnam)

The veteran’s discharge must be anything other than dishonorable. The claimant of the benefit must also need regular assistance with 1 of the activities of daily living. There are also income and asset requirements that the claimant must meet but that is why our firm goes through a plan to make sure this does not stop you from qualifying.

For further explanation please go to the VA Aid and Attendance Tutorial.

VA Application Checklist
VA Application Process
Working with the VA
VA Aid and Attendance FAQs
Asset Protection and Benefits Eligibility Form PDF

Go to the Learning Center and view:

VA Aid and Attendance PowerPoint


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